What to look for when buying a new Manufactured Home

Buying a New Manufactured HomeBuying a Manufactured Home?

Most Manufacturers can build you a good home. However some will build you a better home.  You just have to make sure that the items  that are important to you are included in your home price. Even though HUD require that your home be built to certain specifications you need to make sure that you think is in a quality home will be in yours. That is why it is important to have a experience and knowledgeable salesperson.

Years ago some manufactures used some building materials that were of less quality than the ones used today. Today most manufactures that have been around for years use great quality parts and supplies  for two reasons, one it is better for the customer in the long run and because it lowers service cost. So just the basic manufactured homes of today are much better than the manufactured home of just ten years ago.

Some of the upgrades can get  expensive and you may not want to trade you money for them so be sure to looking to what each will cost you. Here are a list of some that you may want to  think about adding to your new home.  All of the following are not standard in all  manufacturers homes. But usually can be added as an option.  Caution things can get pricey.  Also, make sure the manufacture has a in house service department at their plant and that they take care of the service at the plant level and don’t leave it up to the local retailer to do it at the lot location. The plant usually has better  access to replacement parts and can get things repaired faster than your local retailer can in the event there is a service issue. Just a personal preference.

OSB  floors- plywood floors- overhead ducts, fiberglass showers and tubs, OSB wrapped under vinyl, porcelain sinks, storm doors, Upgrade insulation and windows, 8 feet side walls, flat ceiling, tape and texture walls and ceiling, ceramic backsplashes and many more

So be sure to ask about things are better yet get  your salesperson to point these extras out to you when you tour the home center.  I have been purchasing manufactured home for over 30 years and can say today’s manufactured home is  the best it has ever been.

For a free, no-hassle quote contact Butch Newman today!  Butch is a manufactured home industry veteran and expert at bringing you important information about how to be a smart shopper when buying a manufactured home.


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