Buying a Manufactured Home – The Importance of a Great Salesperson

texas manufactured homes for sale2From a salesperson’s perspective you you the buyer are more than just a sale to our professionals.  Not all salespeople at other dealers have a SERVICE ATTITUDE though and you are going to have to shop until you find one that you are comfortable with.  If you like them and they like you, you will see that you will walk away from your new home purchase feeling confident in your decision that you have made a wise decision to invest in a manufactured home. A sales person with this type of attitude will go the extra mile to make you comfortable with you purchase and they will not care if you are not going to buy today. They need to to make sales next week, next month, and next year.

Don’t let a salesperson make you feel like this is an interrogation. I learned to do this business  like this and today have decided that it is completely wrong.  The consummate professional, will not try to control every aspect of the sale,  this takes away from the personal relationship experience that can come from a non scripted open first contact. It is hard to find that person but they are out there. And when you find them the will not have a canned sales presentation ready for you.  This can be a lot of fun.

Nothing take the place of experience.   Don’t think the neophyte can answer all your questions, period. They may know some basics, dress and talk nice and even may have a great presentation.  Remember, the truly dangerous person is  he who thinks he knows and knows not.  There are some ways to make sure that you have the right person to help you and age is not one. Values are important.  Is the salesperson selling the looks or the construction.  Ask some questions about the construction and the financing.  If it sound to good to be true is probably is. Today some company don’t even train sales staff about insurance and finance. Both areas require a lot of time to take and fully understand.  So try to decide if the person you are working with has a good working understanding of the financing. If not shop elsewhere.

It is also important to know how manufactured home are build. Not just how to drive a nail. And today most sales folks know little about how a manufactured home is put together. So, unless they have a degree in construction management or architecture or have a degree from  the school of life experience,  they will  know little about how all of the new home components work together in you home; and unless they have shopped several manufactures and their competition they don’t know what is out there for what price.   Therefore if you are looking for Value, look for Experience and Service Attitudes.

The person that is helping you with your home purchase and your relationship with them during the purchase is an important part of getting the very best home buying experience.  When buying a new manufactured home, customer service is king!

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