What to Consider When Buying a New Manufactured Home

texas manufactured homes for saleWhere to start? Should you go online, yellow pages, ask people for referrals, drive the roads until you find dealers and shop there product? Reminds of the Kipling saying, I keep six honest serving men, they taught me all I knew, there names are What and Why and When and How and Where and Who.  This is a big purchase and it can be a very pleasant experience or a frustrating one.  One, that will keep you looking for answers and constantly asking yourself if you are getting your money’s worth at every stage of the purchase.

Suggestion, find the right who, first. Like the company and the person you are going to buy from.

Manufactured home are a  very good value today. Given a modicum of upkeep they will give you years of service. In the 32 years since I entered the business there has been great strides in the quality of the manufactured home of today. All manufactures build a better quality home that the did just a few years ago. Manufactures are constantly looking at ways to save money which in the end is passed on the their customer.

The American economic system helps everyone.  Inferior construction products  and components,  have weeded themselves out the national market because of service and replacement cost. Two products that readily come to mind are  Masonite and novadeck.  Masonite siding, has been replaced with Hardie siding, Smart panel and vinyl exteriors, while novideck flooring (particle board) has long been gone, and today almost all manufactures standard floors are (OSB) oriented strand board, a great product.

Again who?  I think and independent  owner and operated has the most flexibility  to get you the customer  the best home for the least number of dollars.  Let me say,  today you will get a good home no matter who you buy from.  Some homes will have more options than others and in some cases you will pay more for them. But if you compare apples to apples, homes with the same options, will cost all dealers  roughly the same.  So why the difference in prices for similar homes?  See, as a independent dealer  I have more flexibility in pricing than a factory owned or company owned store.  Company stores are always hiring and train new sales staff and management and the turnover of the work force in any industry is very costly. Neophyte sale personal can give out a lot of misinformation and they can unintentionally mislead you.  Independent dealers usually have lower overhead cost than company or factory owned stores and can pass the saving on to you. By overhead I mean salaries, taxes, rent, flooring cost, health insurance cost, management fees to name a few. So independent dealer have less overhead and provide the same high quality product as company owned store.  Newman’s homes may not carry as much inventory as large overhead company stores and you may have to order your home to get exactly what you want.  But Savings will be substantial.

Independent dealers like myself  usually have had years of experience and can cut out a lot of, waste and extra cost. Put that knowledge together with  an “I did build that” attitude  and the cash saving can be substantial. Those saving  can then be passed to you, our customer,  you will be amazed home much more home you can get from and independent dealer.   Check one out, and if you are on the internet or in  our area check out Newman’s Homes for the best deals on texas manufactured homes.

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