Got Land? Manufactured Homes Like the Sedona Complete the Picture.

Years ago, you bought land thinking that eventually you would build a house on it from scratch. The cost of custom-building a house has kept the land empty, though, and your dream of a quiet place in the desert – or on a mountainside or by a lake – seems like it might never come true. It can, sooner than you think — thanks to the many new manufactured homes for sale. Affordable manufactured homes allow landowners to live their dream years earlier than they ever thought possible. Let’s take a quick tour through one such manufactured home: the Sedona from Factory Expo Home Centers.

Named for the stunningly beautiful desert town in Arizona, the 700-square-foot Sedona features a stucco design with a flagstone-trimmed porch and chimney. Passersby would never guess these to be manufactured homes, as they look like custom-builds from the outside. Nor from the inside, with the textured, painted walls and vaulted ceilings. The six interior doors are six-panel with a waterfall trim, and baseboard moulding runs throughout the one-bedroom home. Vinyl flooring and designer carpet cover the floors, while designer drapes and mini-blinds cover the windows. All of the new manufactured homes for sale by Factory Expo Home Centers have special touches, but these particular manufactured homes just about spoil the homeowner.

In the kitchen, high-definition countertops are available in several designer colors and have tile edges and backsplash. The hardwood cabinets are ribbed-panel and have adjustable shelves. The kitchen comes with GE appliances, including a gas range, exhaust range hood and double-door refrigerator. A 9-inch deep, porcelain sink complete the set-up. Some manufactured homes for sale skimp on space in the kitchen area, but this one has plenty of room in which to move around.

The bathroom in these new manufactured homes for sale feature elongated, water-saver toilets and a tub/shower combo. Tile trims the tub and the countertops, and decorative cabinets and deluxe lighting add a touch of elegance to the bathroom.

All of the manufactured homes for sale through Factory Expo Home Centers are built to federal Mobile Home Construction and Safety Standards. If you would like to make a dream house on your land a reality sooner rather than later, visit to learn more about new manufactured homes for sale. Homebuyers are invited to tour a factory in their area to see how the manufactured homes are built and to tour furnished manufactured homes in the factory’s model village.

About the Author: Josh Cole writes about the housing industry for several print and online-only publications. He often tells his readers to check out the new manufactured homes for sale as an option when they are considering building a home from scratch. He himself went with a manufactured home for his land in Arizona, and he recommends them now whenever he can. In addition to being quality homes, he finds that even in the current housing slump, buyers get more house for their money with new manufactured homes for sale than they do with tract homes.

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