Manufactured Homes Mean Homebuyers Can Focus On Location

When the old real estate adage of ‘location, location, location’ is cited, people don’t always think of it in terms of manufactured homes. In reality, this is precisely what you should be thinking about. I’ve lived in many houses in my day and the problem I consistently ran into is that I’d fall in love with a house, but end up hating the location. And once you hate your lot or neighborhood, there’s not much else you can do but put up the for sale sign and start looking again. The last time I bought a home, I finally clued in to the right way of doing things. I searched for the perfect lot, my dream location. I bought it, then had a manufactured home built and delivered. Perfect lot and perfect home: problem solved.

I suspect the reason why I hadn’t thought of this solution in the past is that I only recently heard about something called the ‘Factory Expo Home Center Advantage.’ If you haven’t heard this phrase before, it’s just as important as ‘location, location, location’ when you’re considering buying a house. The gist of it is that a company called Factory Expo Home Centers has multiple locations throughout the country where they build the latest manufactured homes and allow the public to tour the factories and watch the homes being built. At each of these locations is a model village so you can tour various homes and see firsthand just how attractive a modern manufactured home can be.

Once I saw the environmentally controlled assembly floor and watched the highly trained crews working with precision, I was sold on the quality of these prebuilt structures. I’ve seen the chaos that goes on at many traditional home building sites and it doesn’t always lend itself to quality construction. Knowing that a manufactured home must conform to the latest HUD safety standards is icing on the cake.

What really hits home, though, is the realization that this isn’t a trailer. While a manufactured home enjoys a considerable cost advantage over traditional site-built homes (coming in at roughly half the cost per square foot), you don’t give up anything in floor plans, features or options. Want to add custom cabinets, a kitchen island, fireplace, or a luxury spa bathroom? Can do! You choose the location that you love, choose from one of the many styles of manufactured homes, customize it and you not only have the perfect home, you also save money!

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