Manufactured Homes Offer Space and Luxury While Saving Money

Frank and Andrea Kramer are typical of many new homebuyers. Worried about the state of the economy, they’re wary about investing too much money in buying a new house, yet they crave space and luxury. At the same time, they want to ensure that when they do find a home, it’s built with quality in mind. Manufactured homes were on their radar because they offer luxury and the features they crave, with unsurpassed quality. New manufactured homes for sale also offer substantial savings compared to buying traditionally built homes.

The Kramers were thrilled to discover Factory Expo Homes, the ideal place to find new manufactured homes for sale. Located at the factory where the manufactured homes are built, there’s an extensive model village set up and the public is welcome to tour the facilities. Once Frank and Andrea saw first hand the attention to detail that went into building the manufactured homes for sale at Factory Expo, they were converts. Typical building construction sites can be a poor setting for building a house -materials get soaked by rain, then baked by the sun or frozen by winter winds. Vandals sometimes steal or damage supplies and the same crews seldom work together, so consistency can be lacking.

New manufactured homes for sale are built in climate controlled conditions, with materials that are stored under optimal conditions and crews that are well-trained. While Frank was impressed by the strict building code that manufactured homes adhered to, Andrea was enthralled by the massive list of floor plans and luxury upgrades available. Among the models they considered were the Randall (a 2305 square foot, four bedroom model complete with den, three full baths and eat-in kitchen with dining room), the McDermott (1941 square feet with a master bath and walk-in closet) and the three bedroom Montano with extra-large master suite and gourmet kitchen. New manufactured home for sale offered so many possibilities that traditionally built homes were no longer even under consideration.

In the end, the Kramers went with the Papago, their favorite among the manufactured homes they toured at Factory Expo Home Center. It offered a generous 25 foot by 15 foot family room, a parents’ retreat off the master bedroom, separate dining room, porch and four bedrooms. It boasted space, quality and luxury, everything the Kramers were looking for, but at a significant price advantage compared to a site-built house.

About the Author: Helen Beck is a real estate consultant and author who writes about all aspects of the housing market from commercial investment opportunities to manufactured homes for sale. Among the trends that Helen is watching closely is the expansion of the offerings in manufactured and mobile houses, including large models and luxury options that would have been unheard of only a few years ago. According to Helen, new manufactured homes for sale today can stand toe to toe with custom built houses when it comes to floor plans, luxury options, upgrades and building quality.

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