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Need financing help? Reach out to Newman’s Homes today. We’re a leading home and land financing company in the Houston area. We can finance home-only transactions, or we can finance your home and land in a single payment. You can trust us to help you secure the financing you need. We offer a variety of financing options designed to fit your budget.



In addition to the foremost lenders in the industry, Newmans Homes does some in house financing.  We offer FHA, VA and USDA land & home loans. Some of our lenders  offer a $0 downpayment. Let’s get you approved.

Call Butch at 281-217-0428 to set up an appointment to pick up and application and look at some homes.

If you need manufactured home financing we should be your top choice because we work with trustworthy lenders.

We take the stress out of the purchasing process.

We’ll help you find affordable financing options and competitive interest rates
Most of our customers finance their new home.  If you’re like most of our customers and need financing for your new home, I can help. There is more to buying a new home than just the price and the interest rates, a lot more.  Newmans Homes finance department shops multiple lenders to find you the best condtions available. Financing can be complicated and takes awhile. We suggest you go ahead and let me get you pre-approved.
If you are preapproved-you can take advantage of any specials on in stock models, when you set your appointment.
Below is a link to our simple Pre approval/Application.


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By signing, I hereby authorize Newmans Homes to verify the information provided on my application pertaining to my credit and employment history, and to verify my past/present employment, including earnings and assets.
I further authorize Newmans Homes to order a consumer credit report.
It is understood that a copy of this form will also serve as authorization. The information obtained is only to be used in the processing of my application for a mobile home/modular home loan.

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